Supertech Fabrics specializes in producing and manufacturing coating and lamination fabrics for highly engineered applications.

Our state-of-the-art facility, overseen by seasoned specialists, utilizes premium grade raw materials such as glass, aramid, polymers and additives etc intricately processed with the latest technologies.

We offer a diverse material portfolio including PTFE, silicone, neoprene, vermiculite, aerogel, PVC, and PU coated and dipped fabrics, available upto 2.5 meters wide. Advanced equipment like calendars, hot-melt machines, and laminators enable us to produce multi-layered laminated textiles.

Our cutting-edge approach involves engineering materials to meet specific property requirements, then processing them through tailored equipment for optimal results. Following production, we conduct thorough quality testing on every batch to guarantee maximum product integrity and precision.

Supertech Fabrics adheres to ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, CE, and REACH certifications, affirming our commitment to quality and compliance.

  • Knife Coating/ Spread Coating
  • Solvent Coating
  • Dip Coating
  • Padding
  • Film Laminating
  • Membrane Lamination
  • Hot Melt Adhesive Coating
  • Embossing And Flattening
  • Etching
  • Weaving
  • Slitting
  • Winding
  • Cutting
  • Stiching

Material Expertise

Beyond our high-performance fabric substrates, each of our products features a functionally optimized polymer coating engineered from premium chemistries like PVC, PTFE, acrylates, silicons and polyurethanes. We develop and produce these specialized coating materials in-house, enabling us to provide product solutions tailored to the specific application, regardless of the base material manufacturer. Our internal material expertise allows us to engineer coatings and complete material solutions aligned to application needs.

Research & Progression

Central to Supertech Fabrics' values is a steadfast commitment to innovation and advancement in technical textiles. While proud of our advanced products engineered to meet specialized modern applications, our quest to explore and enhance is endless, reaching beyond existing solutions.

Through rigorous R&D, we pioneer material formulations for pioneering applications and craft uniquely valuable products that distinctly elevate above traditional textile offerings. This dedication enables us to realize truly innovative technical textiles that address the dynamic requirements of specialized applications with an emphasis on unparalleled quality and functionality. We are devoted to continuously driving technical textile innovation to create the solutions of tomorrow.

Material Design Innovation

Supertech Fabrics specializes in developing custom solutions for different challenges in technical textiles. Each problem is unique and requires a specific approach. We carefully examine, plan, and design each product for specific parameters. Material Design Innovation signifies a commitment towards in-depth research, learning and development, guaranteeing that each product is expertly crafted to fulfil its designated role.

Precision Weaving

Supertech Fabrics utilizes weaving as a key technique to transform and regulate the characteristics of materials, including both their mechanical strength and their porosity. These properties are crucial for demanding applications like filtration and those requiring high tensile and sheer strength such as composites. Through variables of yarn make, construction, material blending; Weaving effectively dictates the material's performance in its intended application.

Polymeric paste Formulation

Polymeric formulations are crafted with precision to suit each individual application, ensuring compliance with necessary chemical properties, resistance levels, thermal characteristics, and other essential parameters.

Advanced Coating, Dipping and Embossing

Applying coating over fabrics is what engineering excellence signifies. The coating chemical along with its process represents the harmonious fusion of two distinct scientific disciplines, blending and bonding them seamlessly. This process results in an integrated material that embodies the combined properties of both elements, offering the best of both worlds in terms.

Lamination/Hot Melt Calendering

Lamination is a sophisticated technique used to fuse chemistry and textiles, achieving a set of properties that cannot be attained through coating alone. This process is particularly focused on enhancing the surface characteristics of the material, such as surface tension, reflectivity, and permeability. Through lamination, Supertech Fabrics is able to manipulate these surface properties to meet specific performance requirements, ensuring the final product delivers optimal functionality.

Cut and Sew

Transforming high-quality materials into finished products, our cut and sew process shapes each item with precision. Tailored to exact dimensions and applications, this step ensures seamless integration into modern manufacturing systems, unlocking the full potential of our engineered fabrics for their designated uses.

Quality Control

Our production is under constant quality control to ensure material excellence at each step. With vigilant oversight, we swiftly identify and remedy any issues, maintaining the high standards our customers expect. This strict quality management results in consistently superior products.